Equipment Transport Companies Dallas

Heavy Equipment Transport Companies Dallas

Do you need a larger than usual load moved? When looking to have your heavy cargo transported from one point to another, you need dependable heavy hauling companies. We understand that your equipment is valuable to you and therefore we employ all effort to ensure we meet our promise to you. We guarantee that your tall, wide or oddly shaped load gets to you just like you imagined it would. American Heavy Hauling is ready to assist you with diverse heavy equipment shipping needs. We have a wide array of attractive qualities that make us the best choice for you. Want to know what those qualities are? Read on to find out.

Why hire us

Wondering what sets us apart from other heavy equipment transport companies? We are


Owing to lack of professionalism, cargo owners count the huge losses owing to destruction caused by reckless driving by the hauling company drivers. With American Heavy Hauling, you do not have to worry about the well-being of your cargo during transit. We have trained, experienced, highly qualified drivers that work tirelessly to get your cargo to you in the exact conditions the cargo was when we received it.


From the point when we pick your heavy cargo to the point when we deliver it to you, you are assured of a seamless, error-free process. We have developed a system that aids in ensuring the hand over procedure is not complicated for both you and the one in charge of handing over. We understand that an important part of maintaining efficiency is by keeping time. With us, you get a time frame within which your heavy equipment or cargo should get to you. If we encounter a technical problem that may delay the time of delivery, you are promptly informed.


We have incorporated a tracking system that helps us monitor your cargo while in transit. This way, we always know where the cargo is all the time. Should any irregularities occur, we are able to inform and involve the authorities and have them check and confirm the safety of your heavy equipment. If as a client, you want to know where your cargo is at a particular point in time, we use the same mechanism to inform you of the progress.

Licensed and insured

Leaving nothing to chance our heavy equipment transport company is fully licensed and insured. This offers the credibility you need in order to gain peace of mind and the confidence to procure our services. Additionally, you can breathe easy knowing that should anything happen to your cargo you are still safe as all our cargo is covered.


Whatever size or type of cargo you want shipped, we are the most versatile heavy equipment shipping company you are searching for. Whether you want to move heavy machinery, load or equipment, we have thousands of carriers to haul your excavators, cranes and portable offices among other heavy loads. Whatever your specific transportation needs are we have what you are looking for. We work under no bait, no switch policy that significantly lowers the probability of a mix-up, loss or damage happening.

Going by the above it is evident that we specialize in our line of work and will do all that is required to leave a smile on your face. We will not ask you to pay until we have a scheduled pickup for your load. For top-notch services or inquiries call us now at  (972) 544-4779