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We Haul Construction Equipment, Heavy  Machinery And Oversize Loads From Birmingham, AL to anywhere in the U.S, Mexico and Canada!

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The transport and logistics industry plays a major role in sustaining the economy of a country. Although the industry has evolved over the last several decades, the need for the logistic services continues to grow day after the other. The industry consists of both small and large scale players. The small-scale players facilitate the movement of goods at the consumer level while the big players are critical at the business to business level but they also do offer their services to the end consumers on isolated cases. Some of the large-scale players include heavy hauling transport companies and machinery moving.

Services Overview
The market consists of several stakeholders who range from clearing agents to the actual haulage companies. Heavy hauling transport companies facilitate big equipment transport services using a fleet of trucks and wide load transport trailers. We specialize in this area and we pride ourselves as one of the best service providers due to our capacity and expertise.

Some of the services we offer include that can be considered heavy transport are as follows but are not limited to;

1. Drop Deck Trailer Transport
We have invested heavily in a fleet of drop deck trailers to enable us to tackle any logistical challenge presented to us, our trailers are custom made with the capability to take the load as low as possible while at the same time maintaining the original load structure and quality with very minimal vibrations. These type of trailers make it easy to load and offload different types of heavy equipment. Becxuase of the flexibility It provides, it spedcifically helps us in the machinery moving part of our busienss.

2. Wide Load Transport
Our capacity is never limited to the size of equipment to be transported. We are a big player among the heavy haul companies with several years of experience in wide load transport. Besides having a big fleet, our drivers are capable of successfully negotiating through the tightest of spaces to make sure that your equipment is safely delivered.

3.  Lowboy Hauling
We handle a fleet of lowboy carrying trailers providing us the Abiltiy to handle some large and heavy loads up to the permitted sizes. Our lowboy drivers are trained and licensed from the very best transporting training schools to ensure that we are able to safely move our clients’ devices Safely and on time. We also have a fully equipped service center which is used to service all our fleets and trailers making sure that we have the ability to operate efficiently and with minimum breakdowns.

4.  Construction Equipment Moving
As part of our services, we are licensed, experienced and well geared up for construction equipment moving services, our fleet consists of vehicles specializing in moving heavy construction devices. Our experience makes it possible to ensure a smooth and timely moving of your devices from one area to the other no matter the size. We are your “machinery moving experts”

5.  Oversize Loads
As discussed above, we have the capacity to use a large range of services to our clients without being restricted to the size of the loads. We have plenty of experience of moving oversized and over dimensional loads. We strive to see that we exceed our customers’ needs and expectations,  while at the same time keeping professionalism both in the delivery of our work and in the relationships we make. Our heavy transport capabilities helps us go the extra mile for our customers.

Feel free to contact us anytime and find out hwy our customers love us so much!

Our Additional Transport Services:

  • Crane Transport
  • Equipment Export
  • Drop Deck Transport Service
  • Super Load
  • Forklift Shipping
  • Paving Equipment Shipping
  • Skid Steer Transportation
  • Street Sweeper Hauling
  • Backhoe Transportation
  • Bulldozer Hauling
  • Crane Shipping
  • Dump Truck Shipping

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