Heavy Trucking – 5 things to look for when finding a company for your Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy Trucking Jacksonville, FL

Your company has just won a major job that requires you to move your large equipment resources from Point A to Point B to start work. How do you make that happen?

You pick up the phone and call American Heavy Hauling at 904-207-7781, and here’s why:

When it’s time to move your company’s valuable equipment to a new job site, there are five things the smart manager considers when choosing a heavy haul trucking company:

Jacksonville-heavy-trucking-FLOver-size equipment requires special handling. When you need heavy haul trucking company, experience and talent are crucial. At American Heavy Hauling, our logistics experts will work hand in hand with your team to determine your exact needs and develop a plan for the move that your business can count on. We know that a successful heavy haul begins with good communication. We actively listen to fully understand your goals and ask the questions necessary to achieve a successful move.
Logistical challenges must be anticipated and handled on the front end. We know that surprises on the move are not only unwelcome, but costly. Permitting, special routing, and timing must be buttoned up. Depending on the payload, multiple permits may be required, and special travel times will be necessary. We’ve seen every type of haul and can solve the regulatory riddle to get your equipment where you need it—on time and ready to roll.

Safety is not just smart, it is profitable. Proper signage, pilot vehicles, security, and training go hand in hand with a successful heavy haul operation. American Heavy Hauling invests significantly in safe equipment and training for our drivers, so that you can be assured your cargo is in good hands from load up to off load.
Heavy hauling means one size truck does not fit all. A successful heavy haul requires the correct size tractor with the appropriate horsepower. Because delivery sites have unique footprints, we work to utilize the correct tractor to navigate the load where it needs to go. We have a variety of tractors and engine sizes to properly haul any equipment effectively and cost efficiently.
Over-dimensional and overweight shipments require the correct trailer to insure ease of loading and unloading, proper tie-down, and smooth handling on the road. The nature of heavy hauling requires intricacy in managing the shipment from loading to unloading. We utilize the correct type of trailer for your equipment to insure successful delivery.
If your company needs specialized transportation, American Heavy Hauling is the industry leader. We know that the responsibility of moving your valuable heavy equipment is a critical task for your company’s profitability and client satisfaction. We step in as a valuable member of your team, so that you are confident your equipment will be where you want it when you want it.

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We have locations in Birmingham, Alabama; Denver, Colorado; Jacksonville, Florida; Newark, New Jersey; Portland, Oregon; and Savannah, Georgia. We’re bonded and insured to haul any load anywhere within or between the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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