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We Haul All Type of Equipment, Heavy Machinery And Oversize Loads From Orlando, FL to anywhere in the U.S, Mexico and Canada!

  • Complete heavy haul service including over dimensional, overweight, expedited, and LTL shipments and specialized transport.

  • We employ drop-deck trailers or double-drop trailers for over-dimensional loads with excessive height.

  • Heavy Haul Trucking – We specialize in transporting oversized items that will not fit on a flatbed

  • Articulated Dump Truck Shipping – We’re oversize load specialists





Let American Heavy Hauling Transport your Construction Equipment & Machinery

The American heavy hauling company was founded in Kentucky in 2006. The Company has grown over the years to become one of the best service providers of heavy hauling services in the United States. Our services are now available in all the 50 states in the USA. American heavy hauling services are also available in Canada and Mexico, and we are famous for our excellent freight services.

Our areas of specialization are in the shipment of heavy machinery and construction equipment in all regions across the US, Mexico and Canada. We are reliable in offering shipment services at affordable prices, and we have worked with several hauling companies over the years we have been operational. Our primary goal has been to serve and improve the industry currently and in the future. We are proud to offer machinery-moving services at some of the most affordable prices.

Our Services

We provide services to both individuals and businesses in need of transporting construction equipment to different locations. Regardless of the type and the size of your load, we can move it for you. Some of our essential services include;

Heavy Equipment Shipping

Some equipment is too massive for transportation by roadways. This means that you would require a special permit from the United States Environmental protection Agency to transport such equipment. Working with us assures you of a safe relocation of your equipment in line with the federal and local laws.

Drop Deck or Flatbed Trailers

Some of the loads are too wide to fit in enclosed trailers. These trailers are usually open and have no roof or doors; their layout makes them versatile to transport any equipment. Due to the considerable length of time we have been in the transport industry, we have a sizeable fair fleet of specialist widening trailers and modular trailers too. The special widening trailers are fitted with an advanced hydraulic width adjustment to accommodate any load width.

Oversize Loads

In case you are in need of transport of oversize loads from one state to another or across Mexico or Canada, we are equipped with all machinery geared towards making that movement a possibility. We have all the permits required to facilitate the movement legally in compliance with the federal laws. Our personnel is made up of well-trained staff including drivers, escort crew and loaders that are highly trained and experienced to handle wide loads.

Heavy Trucking Company

Due to the long time we have been in the Hauling industry, our company has been able to bring together quite a large fleet. This involves specialized carriers of all types meaning we can handle any form of task. Most shippers have had the problem of transporting heavy loads requiring special permits by the government. We have a well-trained staff and all the legal requirements to facilitate such transports.

Equipment Transport

Your business requires the necessary equipment to be present and in the right conditions. This means that your machine needs to be transported as early as possible before any work begins. The equipment has to be carried carefully so that to avoid any damage and that is what we exactly offer. Transporting it requires a lot of care and expertise and that is what American Hauling company is famous for in the Heavy hauling industry.

Specialized Transport Solutions

Our specialized team is determined to offer various customized services to our customers since they understand that our customers have varied demands. These specialized transport solutions include;


We specialize in machinery moving, and our teams work with the different machine moving machinery. We guarantee you that we have the capacity of mechanism and qualified staff to relocate a part of your plant to move the whole plant to your respective area of relocation.

Multi-Axle RGN

These types of machines combine various combinations of decks, axles, and spacing to accommodate different types of loads. Despite our higher levels of experience in this area, we always strive to do it even better. In case you engage us with your task, you will get the best services you ever thought of.

Double Drop Removable Goose Necks (RGN)

These specialized machines are mostly used to overhaul cranes, forklifts and construction machinery.

Extendable Drop Decks

They make it possible to expand to more considerable lengths.

Engineered Transportation

We usually transport heavy and wide industrial equipment with wide dimensions and exceptionally heavy. We offer services across states and the country borders.

Specialty Transportation

We transport legally permitted industrial loads, which range from heady-hauling to flatbed shipping. The kind and variety of machines we have to make this kind of transportation possible.


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Our Additional  Services:

  • Articulated Dump Truck Shipping
  • Construction Lift Hauling
  • Crusher Machinery Hauling
  • Drilling Machines Shipping
  • Excavator Transportation
  • Generator Transporting
  • Lumber Hauling
  • Mining Equipment Transportation
  • Narcoossee
  • Williamsburg
  • Celebration
  • Meadow Woods

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