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Heavy Hauling Services: What You Should Know

Getting major items from Point A to Point B isn’t always just as easy as hiring a truck or two. If you have ever seen a giant truck hauling a single blade of a wind energy windmill or a single large part bigger than the semi itself, then you’ve seen the logistical challenges that heavy hauling services can entail.

Not every trucker can handle the need for heavy hauling services. You need specialized transport services offered by experienced professionals who know how to tackle every challenge thrown at them.

Prime Movers &  Machinery Moving Services

There’s no question that these services are in high demand. The growth of windmills for green energy, the heavy industrial work in high demand, the need for big machines in out of the way places – all of these are reasons for this type of service. Heavy haul truckers are much fewer and harder to find than just your everyday trucker.

We have experienced drivers who have handled a wide variety of different pieces of equipment and understand the unique challenges that many of these

What defines a load as being heavy hauling?

Jut a few examples include:

– Anything being hauled with a width of 8.6 feet or more
– Anything 13.6 feet high or more
– A length of 48-53 feet
– A gross weight of over 40 tons (80,000 pounds)

There are plenty of axle restrictions on top of that. There are federal law limits on what type of axles can be used based on weight. To avoid penalties, fines, or accidents you need professionals who understand all of these regulations and can match the right equipment for the hauling job on hand.

Heavy Transport Companies

Prime mover companies like ours understand the importance of covering all the details and that includes looking for the best possible tools and materials to get the job done. Even with the right truck, trailer, and driver sometimes you’ll need special warning signs, special lights, or even a pilot car ahead keeping in touch with the truck to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

This includes the use of both regular and specialized drop deck trailers to help load and unload whatever is being hauled or what ever type of machinery that needs moving.

Our professional machinery moving specialists have plenty of experience to help guide you to the right driver, the right shipping option, and the right route to get things done. These have to be carefully planned, especially if the over-sized heavy loads need to be transported a great distance.

Don’t leave any detail up to chance but let us show you why we’re one of the best Transport Companies in the business.

When it comes to taking care of any heavy transport needs, you don’t want to take a chance or end up inadvertently breaking the law going with an inexperienced crew. Contact us today to talk about your heavy haul needs, your schedule, and we’ll figure out the best options for you to get the job done right, done promptly, and most importantly done safely. Our experience lets us to this at a rate that won’t bust your budget so call today!

Our Additional Transport Services:

  • Forklift Shipping
  • Paving Equipment Shipping
  • Skid Steer Transportation
  • Street Sweeper Hauling
  • Backhoe Transportation
  • Bulldozer Hauling
  • Crane Shipping
  • Dump Truck Shipping

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