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Please find a list of our services below.  This is not an exhausted list of our services as we have many different customer services we perform.  If you do not find the service you are looking for on our site, please give us a call and speak to one of our specialized agents.



Trailer Transport

With years of a vast experience and owning one of the largest and most developed transportation trucks, Heavy Haulers is a re-known player in the trailer business. We boast a considerably fair fleet of specialist widening trailers and modular trailers too. Both types of trailers are available for long-distance hauling. The special category widening trailers have been fitted with an advanced hydraulic width adjustment. It is crucial in spreading the axle further if your load is wide and can’t fit on the normal dimensional truck.

Heavy Trucking

Having been in the industry for quite long now, Heavy Haulers has been able to bring together one a very specialized fleet for heavy equipment transport / heavy trucking. Heavy trucking in some instances has been a challenge for most shippers. Sometimes, the load has an overweight structure and might require special routing on highways only. This means that you might need some special licenses from the different states you are transporting. Heavy Haulers is cognizant of such matters and has a qualified and experienced team of professionals to handle your heavy loads.

Equipment Transport

Your business heavily relies on equipment. This means that you need to have the equipment shipped to your facility at earliest convenience without any damages. We understand the complexities that come along with hauling heavy equipment. Hauling it requires lots of experience and expertise. This is why Heavy Haulers remains a leading player in the industry. Some of this equipment includes: – missile Launching pads, forklifts, cranes and backhoes. Before embarking on such shipping, it is always important to get the correct heavy machinery transport licenses and also conduct a feasibility test on best routes and weather conditions too.

Heavy Haul Trucking

We are a heavy haul trucking company that transports your load regardless of its size and weight. Our expert team ensures that you get specialized transport of your cargo and that is why you can trust our company. We are experienced in heavy haul trucking, and our reliability is unquestionable.

Heavy Equipment

We specialize in heavy haul trucking. That means we have the proper transportation to load, secure and safely move your heaviest equipment. Our specialized transport systems are designed to withstand the weight, width, and center of gravity complications that moving heavy equipment involves. We can take your equipment where you need it, on-time and ready to go.

Over Sized Loads

If your equipment is not excessively heavy but simply too large for standard transport methods, we can move it for you. Wide loads, tall equipment, odd-shaped devices, or whatever you need to transport, we have you covered.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small


At Heavy Haulers, we offer specialized transportation with effective supply chain solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients. We have experienced professionals who approach the specialized projects with a high value of expertise and dedication as they use an efficient technological management system to offer the best services. We love challenges and difficult situations as we believe that our professionals will do everything possible to develop creative and innovative solutions to meet your transportation expectations.

Our specialized transportation services are dedicated to offering customized services in the shipping industry since we know that our clients have varied demands. Our services are not limited to providing solutions to gas and oil producers, manufacturers and construction companies. We do both conventional and customized hauling of turbines, compressors and pipes, in case of high volume loads that need customized transportation.

Specialized Transport Solutions


We specialize in machinery moving services. We have experienced and dedicated rigging teams that work with very diverse machinery moving equipment. We have the capacity to handle your project, whether you want to move a piece of equipment or relocate the whole plant.

Engineered Transportation

We offer the most efficient services for heavy haul trucking. We transport heavy and wide industrial equipment and machinery with unconventionally large dimensions and heavy loads. We provide both short and long haul trucking, which can go across state borders. These services make us one of the most reliable transport companies in the country.

Specialty Transportation

We transport legally permitted industrial loads, which range from heady-hauling to flatbed shipping. These include but are not limited to compressors, power control houses,

These specialized transportations are made possible by the kind of trailers we have for moving machinery.

Our Trailers

Double Drop Decks

We have Double Drop Deck style trailers having a low deck that is located in their centers. This design makes these trailers suitable for accommodating tall loads. The length of the well ranges between 25 to 30′ and the deck going as low as 12 to 24″

Extendable Drop Decks

The expandable drop decks make it possible to extend the well length up to 53′

Double Drop Removable Goose Necks (RGN)

Double Drop Removable Goose Necks (also known as RGN or detach) are majorly used to haul forklifts, cranes, and construction machinery that can be driven with or without a trailer. The goose-neck is designed to detach from the trailer, and a tractor pulls it away from the lower deck of the trailer. These machines are then driven onto the trailer. There are varied configurations of the double drop removable goose necks regarding their lengths, heights, and axle types. Their decks can be either beam, drop side, or flat floor types.

Multi-Axle RGN

These high capacity trailers are used to ship super loads. These units integrate several combinations of axles, decks, and spacing to accommodate specialized loading.

With this line of efficient machinery and the services of our experienced professionals, Heavy Haulers provides some of the best specialized haul trucking services, especially for heavy haul transportations. If you have a cargo you want to transport, be sure that all your special considerations, including size, weight, quantity, or machinery type, will be met. We have successfully done it several times before, and despite being experienced, we aim to do it better every time. For more information, visit our webpage. To get a quotation, click here

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