Construction Equipment Transport Jacksonville FL

American Heavy Haulers – We move Construction Equipment!


Are you involved in the Construction Equipment Transport business? Do you have heavy machinery or construction equipment that you may require to be transported to your destination of choice? Then look no further, American Heavy Haulers.  We are here to serve you and serve you well for that matter. We know that hauling construction equipment can be a headache for you. We intend to make the process simple for you while being economical at the same time. Choose our services for the best heavy equipment hauling experience.

Personalized Service

We ensure that you are assigned a professional representative to serve you while you engage with us. Our personal representatives will serve to advise you on how best to handle your equipment hauling. It includes the specialized trailers used in the equipment shipping process, the paper work involved in the transaction, frequent communication to make inquiries or progress of the delivery of your vehicle as well as general information on any hitches expected while on transit. We ensure that you do not encounter any difficulty while hauling your heavy construction equipment with us, from the point of the first engagement to the last part of signing off the end of our dealings.

Insurance Policy

It is normal for our company to take insurance on our construction equipment and transport machinery as well as our crew that is charged with delivering your heavy equipment to your preferred site. However, we do not stop at that, we also insure your construction vehicles and equipment against several risks while in transit such as accidents and fire. The extra contingency insurance helps to secure your equipment in case of any accidents that may happen during the shipping and transport of your oversize loads. Certain trucking companies may not provide this insurance policy although it is critical to ensure that your equipment transported is safe and secure and that you can acquire another one, should any loss occur.


Our company prides itself in the services we offer due to the quality provided. We have been in the heavy haul trucking business for some time and have become well known in the industry. Our Professionalism includes the way we handle paperwork during your shipment, the drivers charged with delivering your Heavy Construction equipment using specialized trailers  and we also have specialized truck drivers who can handle most of the breakdown during transit to reduce the time delay that may be experienced during transit.

Shipping and Transport Services

Our company has experienced truck drivers who are experts at Transporting Construction Equipment. They ship your equipment  and oversize loads to in the safest and least amount of time possible. Even when accidents and breakdowns occur besides other unforeseen eventualities, they manage their time to deliver within a few days of the expected date of arrival. We also utilize specialized trailers to handle your construction equipment to ensure that it arrives safely. We ensure that we do not only deliver on time but also deliver your construction vehicles intact. Our company prides itself in reliability and efficiency in delivery of services.

Affordable Pricing


Part of the mark of experience and professionalism stands in the parameters used for pricing a service. Our experience has taught us to be flexible although we do have standard ways of costing a given service. However, we do not use complicated costing methods but ways that are understandable to you as our customer. Our rates are also professionally set to ensure that the customer receives quality for the price that they pay.

Tested and Proven Services

We have been in the Heavy Haul Trucking business long enough to gain market presence and are considered one of the best at transporting heavy equipment. As of this writing we have a 4.0 out of 5 for our 220 reviews. We strive to be the best in the industry as well as the best in customer services.  Our team takes each and every client seriously and make follow ups with ALL of our clients. That is how we have built our reputation as one of the best Heavy Hauling Companies in the business.

If you want to transport heavy construction equipment, our company our company is considered the logical selection.  The load need not be too heavy or large. We move any heavy equipment and machinery that cannot be transported by the regular heavy hauler truck. We provide heavy trucking that can move your mobile offices from one state to another. This could be important for construction companies who are moving to set up a site in a different location. For archaeologists who may need help with moving their excavators, our company is here for you. We have the drop deck which is suitable for such loads. It can also assist those moving cranes either for sale or to set up shop in a different state.

Large and oversize loads like the steel beams require secure transportation. We offer a Hauler Truck suited for the weight of that load and provide the pilot cars which double up as security for the load. This way you can be sure that not only will your load reach its destination in one piece, but will also be safe.